Phoenix College Remote Learning Update 27th January 2021:

As we stated at the beginning of this Remote Learning Journey we introduced on the 5th January, we would keep reviewing this and keep you updated.

We are in the initial discussion/planning stage of introducing some face to face learning to work alongside our remote learning package.

I would like to continue with the view point that the safest place for our students to be right now and still in line with National Guidelines is learning from home.

However, we realise that this can have a negative impact on our students learning and understand that in some cases a negative impact on their well-being

Because of this we are considering a two-day face to face provision in college for those who feel that it would help support the well-being of their young person, this would, as stated, work alongside the remote learning package.

For our planning we are asking that you let us know if you would like this to be available for your young person. Obviously we would like you to consider the guidance around learning from home and if this is still your preferred option then please continue with this.

Rick and Jimmy will discuss this with each of you so that we can put in place a safe environment for us to move this forward.



Robert Bates (Interim Principal)

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