Digital World

Students will learn how to use personal computers, iPads and laptops to develop their information technology skills. Students will also learn how to use digital equipment in the community.
Career Links – Every student will be able to develop their knowledge and understanding of the work-related digital world, from creating their own online CV to using a library card to check out a book. Some students will also develop their own online digital businesses using social media and online marketplaces.


Students will learn how to run an arts and craft enterprise. They will make and sell a range of creative crafts products and discover new interests. Career Links – Students will learn about different job roles in a business and discover which ones they enjoy. They will develop new skills which will help to prepare them for getting a job, or setting up their own micro enterprise in the future.


Students will learn how to safely and independently plan and prepare snacks and meals for themselves and others. Career Links – Students will learn about different job roles within the catering industry. They will also create an enterprise project by making and selling food to sell to customers.

Self Care

Students will develop their skills in using a range of tools and equipment commonly found in barber shops and beauty salons. They will apply these skills by learning how to provide a range of hair and beauty treatments to friends and customers. Career Links – Students will learn about different job roles within the hair and beauty industry by visiting a range of different businesses within the local community. They will see first hand how a hairdresser, make up artist, barber, massage therapist and beauty therapist work.


Students will learn how to grow, maintain and identify different plants; as well as grow vegetables and fruit, and support insects and wildlife in the garden space. Career Links – Students will learn about different job roles within the horticulture sector, with opportunities to develop skills for these roles. Students will support the development of the horticulture social enterprise at the college, gaining valuable work experience.

Travel Training

Students will develop their independence
when travelling in the local community and beyond. Students will also learn about London’s tourism sector by visiting a rang of major tourism hubs around the city. Career Links – Students will learn about jobs within the tourism sector by visiting major transport hubs, historical landmarks, religious and sporting venues, hotels and arts centers in order to see who works there and what their roles are.

Local Offer

Students will learn about the wide range of support services which are available to them. This will create sustainable links within their local community, and teach them how to access the support that they need going forward. Career Links – Students will learn how to access services such as careers advisors and Access to Work, all of which will help them gain sustainable employment outcomes.

Keeping Safe

Students will develop their social-safety skills and gain further understanding about their bodies, adult relationships and sex. Career Links – Students will learn how to manage and develop positive, professional relationships in the work place.

Politics and Culture

Students will learn about, celebrate and campaign for a range of local and global issues which add meaning, and are relevant, to their lives. They will also learn about and celebrate the wealth of diverse cultures within their community and beyond. Career Links – By learning about a diverse range of people and how they live their lives, students will be increasingly able to make bold, individual choices about how they want to live their own lives – including which career path to take.

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