Congratulations Shucayb!

The Tower Hamlets Library Service is a closed library serving schools in the borough and beyond, located on Bethnal Green Road. If you have ever seen red plastic crates piled in the hallways of the school they will most likely have come from the Library Service. If a teacher is teaching, say Shakespeare, or Buddhism, they can write to the Library Service who will in turn send back a crate full of books, posters, artefacts, costumes and toys. Of course to find each of these items requires careful cataloguing and organisation carried out by skilled and trained librarians. 

In 2019, Steven Henshall, noticing that Shucayb Mohammad had a penchant for classroom organisation, contacted the Library, asking whether they might consider taking Shucayb on as a trainee librarian. The Library Service accepted Shucayb one day a week for a two hour block. On his first day he arrived to school dressed smartly in a suit and with a job coach walked to Roman Road to catch the bus to work. Though Shucayb initially found the environment rather stimulating he quickly settled down to learn the technical and complex skills required of a librarian; logging returns, stock checking, locating and preparing deliveries and taking books out of circulation. 

Following a year out due to the Coronavirus pandemic Shucayb recently returned to his placement at the library in May. He immediately got back to work, remembering all of the processes and tasks. Last month Shucayb was offered a temporary worker position within the library and is now formally employed by Tower Hamlets council. Shucayb should be immensely proud of this achievement. He has shown an aptitude for problem solving, attention to detail, is punctual, consistent and diligent. Furthermore he is a joy to work with and is well liked by all of his colleagues at the Library Service. 

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