A Word From The Head 25.3.22



Hello, we are Tower Hamlets Independent SEND Parent Forum and we would like to invite you to join our forum steering group.


What does our SEND Forum do?


We are Tower Hamlets SEND Independent Parents Forum we are Pan Disability. We work with both families and professionals to provide a range of consultation opportunities and events as part of this work we signpost families and professionals to appropriate services.

We represent the collective voice of parents/carers in Tower Hamlets. The aim of our forum is to work with local partners to deliver change and better services for families to feed up local issues to create a national picture of SEND need, issues and provision and to feed down and share national and local information to keep parent/carers informed of their rights, of legislation and of good practice. Giving parents the opportunity to talk to other parents and make your voice count towards a better future for all your children.

We ask forum members to attend events and workshops where possible to hear the latest on the SEND issues. Get the chance to meet a range of professionals and understand services. Receiving regular Information can be found on twitter page and we are in the process of developing a website and a newsletter. Access the Forum twitter group @ThsendFor Facebook page Tower Hamlets Send Independent Parents Forum for updates and information. Look out for coffee and consultations popping up near you.


If you would like us to attend a coffee morning or consultation please contact us. The same applies if you would like to attend our events: please get in touch thsendforum@gmail.com  / 07498573872

We believe you have a stronger voice when you act together and be part of the solution.


If you are interested, please write to the emails below.

Next meeting: Thursday 7th April 2022 (venue to be confirmed)



Best wishes


Samantha Gager

TH Send Parent forum

TH Mental Health Champion 









This week Maryam’s dad, Dr Amjad, joined us for a very special workshop on careers – a big thank you to our Careers Lead, Natasha Wood, for organising this.


Students and staff had some very interesting questions for Dr Amjad:


  • What made you want to become a GP?
  • Can I get extra help when I go to the GP?
  • How many hours do you work a week?
  • When do I need to go to my GP?
  • Samiya asked: What can make me feel better when I have chickenpox?
  • Shakhel asked about a healthy diet
  • Joshua asked about how to help a sprained ankle get better


Thomas has become a role model for all the students at Phoenix College.


His resilience, hard work and talent has been noticed by the team at Mudchute Farm and Thomas has been offered a paid position for when he graduates.


Thomas’ achievements have inspired other students to pursue the route towards paid employment at Mudchute Farm and a more independent future.


Our Careers team is working closely with Mudchute Farm, Thomas and his parents and Tower Hamlets Local Authority to make this success story an opportunity to many other students.


Thomas is making history and it is a privilege to be part of this process!


Ryan asked his manager at Phoenix Café for more responsibilities at work this week. He prepared some amazing coffee and I cannot wait to see what comes next for Ryan.


Momo has really improved his wellbeing and personal care skills. He is going to bed at a reasonable time and coming into college in a much happier mood! That has had an impact during lessons as he is becoming more helpful towards his fellow peers. Hamda has also had a really good week in P2 showing support to her fellow peers during lessons. Hamda and Momo both worked alongside our Enterprise Lead, Alfie, this week selling a range of soaps and candles in and around college. Well done, guys!


One of Joshua’s targets this term is to make healthy choices when spending his money. There were lots of fast-food on offer at the market that he and his classmates visited this week during Travel & Tourism. However, Joshua bough a Capri Sun and some blueberries. He was so proud of himself and went around college telling everyone that he decided to make a healthy choice. Well done, Joshua!

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