A Word From The Head 24.9.21

Dear parents and carers,

I hope you are enjoying the good weather!

Students enjoyed going out for their Environmental Action and Digital World courses and took advantage of the sunshine. Accessing the community is a great strategy for students to work on their Numeracy and Literacy targets and in fun and functional way.

We will host our first Parents Forum for this academic year in two weeks. This is going to be an important opportunity for you to learn more about our curriculum and meet our new members of staff.

Look at how excited Shucayb, from P3, looks on his first day at work! The staff at Phoenix School worked hard for Shucayb to succeed at his work placement at Tower Hamlets Library Service and now that he joined Phoenix College, he was offered a staff position. We are working for all our students to leave Phoenix College with a job! Students in this class have also really enjoyed working on their wellbeing and developing a healthy life-style during their Fitness course.

P2 students also celebrated work skills this week. Students are more focused and independent during Craftworks and Catering lessons. Students are cooking more independently and they made beautiful candles this week.

Accessing the community with more self-awareness and control was a big celebration for P3 students this week during their Travel & Tourism course. Students travelled to Greenwich but also took time to explore our local community.

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