A Word From The Head 19.11.21

Dear parents and carers,

This was a very special week for our community as we hosted our first Open House!

Open Houses are one of my favourite events as our whole community comes together to celebrate achievements, discuss issues and plan for the future. It was very nice to meet so many of you face-to-face for the first time and thank you so much for your kind and heart-warming words of feedback.

Yesterday, current parents and students had the chance to discuss the progress that their children have been making at college with the whole team that supports our young people: teachers, learning mentors, principal, TAs, careers lead… The feedback from parents, students and staff was extremely positive. “I never had the chance to meet parents like this!” – said June, one of our most experienced TAs.

The Open House was also a great chance for potential parents and students to visit Phoenix College – we had a few visitors yesterday! It was also a great opportunity for our former students to visit us and catch up on all the amazing things that they are doing after graduating.

Definitely an evening to be remembered. Thank you so much for coming!


P1 students have started an exciting, and delicious, enterprise: the Thursday Kitchen. Students will be preparing tasty snacks every Thursday and selling their products to staff. We hope this enterprise will grow so we will be able to sell the appetizing items that you can see on the left to the general public.

I tried a bow of petullas, a recipe from our super-talented TA Alina, and they were delightful!


In this half term all of the students at Phoenix College have been learning new ICT skills in their Digital World lessons. This week, P2 have been practicing their typing skills. We have seen the students make excellent progress with their reading and writing. We have been focusing on key literacy skills like using a capital letter and a full stop. Most students taking part can now also login to the laptops independently, which is great to see. Well done to all of the students, and all of the staff working hard to support them. Excellent work! said Jimmy Manning, key-teacher for P2

During Politics and Culture this week, students from all three classes were learning about Law and Order. Ricky Nunn, key-teacher for P3, organised a fantastic workshop and we were lucky enough to be visited by PC Josh and PC Alice. They are our two local Police Officers who came in to tell students about the work that they do in the local community.

The students really enjoyed the presentation and came up with some fantastic questions in the Q&A session:
• How to collect footprints, fingerprints, blood samples?
• How to remember clues?
• How do they investigate crimes?
• Who is carrying a gun and who isn’t?
• Do you have to be a good driver to be a police officer?
• How does the handcuff work?
• Did you put any person in jail (prison)?
• Is there lunch in jail? How’s the food there?
• What time of the day they work? What are the working hours of a police officer?
• Can police dogs bite people?
• How does the bulletproof vest work?
• How do they receive a call?
• How does the radio work?
What a fun week!

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