A Word From The Head 11.3.22

Dear parents and carers,


Today we finished our first National Careers Week!


Students learned about different skills needed for work and collected badges to celebrate their achievements. Students focused on five skills:


  • Leadership
  • Team work
  • Being creative
  • Communication
  • Being positive





This week at Phoenix College we celebrated the National Careers Week. We collected and awarded ‘work skills badges,’ highlighting our leadership, teamwork, creativity, positivity and communication skills. We attended a careers show at Westfield, Stratford where we spoke to employers about work experience. One highlight was being invited to an International Women’s Day event in Canary Wharf, in partnership with Canary Wharf Group PLC. We enjoyed listening to 4 panellists talking about their careers and barriers they have faced in the world of work; we also enjoyed the free buffet! Our second highlight of the week was listening to the wonderful Samantha (Phoenix parent) telling us about her life and amazing career, she motivated us to ‘reach for the stars!’. Thanks to all students and staff for their enthusiasm and for making a great Careers Week.





Maryam Amjad (P2) has continued to show how good she is progressing at college and her performance this week was a perfect demonstration of that. Throughout the week, Maryam has displayed good energy and enthusiasm during sessions such as Fitness, Performing Arts and Beauty Therapy. The staff that worked alongside Maryam have noticed that she is getting more involved and working with different friends which is also one of Maryam’s termly targets. She is making great progress towards that! Darren Serrano Griffiths (P2)

One of Soheli’s (P3) targets this term is to independently manage her own college resources. She is now able to locate a range of equipment in order to complete a variety of tasks. She has been very helpful to staff by supporting with classroom organisation and has been more engaged in learning throughout the day. Really well done, Soheli! Rick Nunn (P3)

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