A Word From The Head 25.2.22

Dear parents and carers,


Students had a busy week back to Phoenix College!


We had some staff changes this week but that did not affect the quality of the teaching in lessons – please see some great celebrations of learning in the next page.


Students seemed to really enjoy the new timetable with more diversity among the course leaders. I have to say a big thank you to the whole team for stepping-up and embracing this challenge. Our team worked very hard and the results were more challenging, meaningful and fun lessons. Well done, everyone!




On Monday 21st February, teachers, leading learning mentors, careers lead, speech and language therapist, teaching assistants and enterprise lead worked together during our INSET DAY. They used our IMPLEMENTATION DAY to review the targets for this term. I am pleased to let you know that the vast majority of our students are making great progress towards their objectives. A few targets were adapted and shared with students this week.





One of my contacts has kindly offered staff and students free tickets to a series of music concerts:

‘The Imagine Series’ are concerts aimed at young people aged 16 plus who might benefit from informal concert environments.

The first concert in the series will be a low-stimulus performance by the Manchester Collective.’ https://wigmore-hall.org.uk/learning/imagine-series

The concerts take place at Wigmore Hall on the weekend so parents, careers and students can attend it. My contact, Ben, said that he is happy to have his details shared if students and parents want to know more and claim their free ticket – they just need to mention Phoenix College:

Benjamin Redmayne: Programme Manager

T: 020 7258 8246 | M: 07444 438276 | E: bredmayne@wigmore-hall.org.uk

Kind regards,

Natasha Wood – Careers Lead




This was a very busy and productive week for P1.

In Catering students have been working on a new exciting healthy recipe: how to make Risotto.

Saira and Syeda have been working together to create a fried rice dish containing three vegetables that they have chosen to include.

They then reviewed their work by rating the flavour of the overall dish as well as how well they like each of the vegetable ingredients that they chose. Mohammed, P1


In Beauty Therapy, P2 students are continuing to develop their skills using a range of tools and equipment and applying different massage techniques. Norah and Maryam demonstrated these skills with our Beauty Specialist, Elena, using a step-by-step guide to wash hair and blow dry hair. Darren, P2

Students now have the option each day to attend a range of Lunchtime Clubs such as pool, darts, gaming, board game and choir. Some of the students in P3 went along to choir and had a great time learning the Jackson 5 classic ‘Blame It On the Boogie’. Lunchtime clubs are a great opportunity for students to interact with peers from other classes and develop new social and leisure interests. Ricky, P3

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