Phoenix College have a number of internal enterprise projects to help students develop the skills needed for life beyond an education setting.  We want every student to live a life filled with purpose after they have graduated from the College.  With this in mind we focus on their interests and what they like to do, and then develop different enterprises that fit around the students and their learning profiles.  Below are some examples of what the students are getting up to at College:

Endless Beauty:

Many of our students havc expressed an interest in all things related to beauty therapy.  They enjoy the process of painting nails and plaiting hair.  With this in mind and in working with the students we have developed the Endless Beauty salon.  Students go here to learn about different treatments, how to do them for themselves and how to work with others.  We also embed English and Maths into the activities so the students get a holistic experience.

Tool Time:

Our students often prefer practical and functional activities over more academic ones.  We therefore wanted to create an enterprise project that suited their learning style. “Tool Time” gives the students the responsibility and skills needed to participate in DIY projects, from sanding and sawing, to removals and creating displays.

The Samosa Hut:

Who doesn’t love a delicious Samosa?  In the past we have found that they have always sold well, and as the students can gain numerous skills (when shopping for ingredients, measuring them out, chopping them) we have decided to continue with this enterprise project and hopefully find customers in the local community.

Autism = Superpower!

Another enterprise project in development is Autism = Superpower!  A neuro-diversity positive project that aims to create different fashion items that the students can sell online in their own etsy, amazon and ebay shops.  Coming soon…

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